This document applies to "cookies" and refers to the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), operated by Fink Group sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as "Fink ”) Based in Psary Małe. Fink's right to store and access "cookies" results from the consent expressed by the Guest, i.e. the person visiting the Website. The consent in question is expressed when configuring the web browser used to browse the pages of the Website and use the services available on them. The guest has the option to configure the settings for "cookies" at any time and determine the conditions for storing or accessing this information by Fink. Information on the use of "cookies" is displayed after entering the website


1. What are "cookies":

"Cookies" are text files, IT data stored in the devices of the Website's Guests, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, intended for the use of websites. They allow, among others identify the type of the Guest's device and display websites tailored to individual preferences. Cookies usually contain the website address, storage time on the Guest's device and their own unique identifier.


2. For what purpose "cookies" are used:

"Cookies" are used to: adapt the content of the website to the preferences and device of the Guest, optimize the use of the website, enable saving the Guest's choices regarding the language, browser, settings of selected elements of the website , information about the location of the Guest or resignation from profiled advertisements, securing websites, e.g. to prevent access by unauthorized persons, creating anonymous, aggregated statistics, helping to understand how the Guest uses websites and thus enabling the improvement of their structure and content, excluding personal identification, ensuring the refinement and smooth operation of websites, including website performance research.


3. Exactly what cookies are used and how they can be deleted:

Session (temporary) and permanent cookies are used. Session cookies are stored on the Guest's device until the web browser is turned off. Permanent cookies are stored on the Guest's device for a defined time, which is determined by the parameter contained in the "cookies" file - the Guest has the option to manually delete them. "Cookies" used by Fink partners are subject to their own privacy policy. Software used to browse websites By default, it is allowed to place "cookies" on the end device (computer, mobile phone). The guest can properly configure the web browser to block the automatic acceptance of "cookies" or obtain information each time that a file is sent to his device or define their storage time. Appropriate information on the use of cookies and possible configurations are available in the settings of the web browser. The level of restrictions on the use of cookies may affect the availability and functionalities offered on the Website, until the possibility of its proper use is blocked. tions. In the case of services made available on the Website by Fink, acceptance of "cookies" is required for the proper use of them by the Guests. Defining the rules for the use of "cookies" in the web browser may also affect the possibility of using other websites that use "cookies". The guest should pay special attention to whether, by defining the parameters of "cookies" in the browser, they do it globally (for all websites) or only for the website


4. Cookies and personal data:

As a rule, cookies are not personal data in themselves. However, certain information stored in "cookies" in combination with other information about the Guest may be considered personal data. Personal data collected using "cookies" may be collected only for the purpose of performing specific functions and activities for the Guest. Such data is encrypted in a way that prevents access by unauthorized persons.


5. Additional information:

Fink stipulates that the Website may include links and information enabling Guests to directly reach other websites and services. Fink has no influence on the cookies policy of the administrators of these websites and is not responsible for them, unless otherwise indicated. It is suggested that before using the resources offered by them, the Guests read the rules of using "cookies", if any, and if there are none, contact the administrator of the given website to obtain information on this subject.